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Dhara Hari is an environmental movement, which includes direct collaborated action including personal, spiritual and strategic efforts to defend the Earth.

A sustainable world can be achieved by creating mass awareness among the youth of the country. The prevailing man-made crisis and deteriorating environmental conditions require urgent participation of youthin preserving and creating a peaceful life of our future generation.
Under DharaHari campaigns drives, workshops, international conferences and many more activities will be conducted. This movement is providing opportunities for individuals and communities to contribute in the improvement of the current circumstances. People who don’t get the opportunity to work for this cause will now have a chance to co-operate and act towards the goal of restoring nature by all means possible.
We, at Dhara Hari believe that all the environmental problems are interlinked and so are the solutions. We want to rewind habitats of sustainable consumption and production. There is still time to save eco-system from the wrath of calamities and our society can achieve much more through collaborative efforts.
The current eco-system is driven by the thought that endless growth is both good and sustainable. Dhara Hari will redefine this perception about our quality of life by rejecting endless consumption and changing the understanding that Nature exists for us and it’s a “basic right”.
Tornados, hurricanes, drought, lightning, animal extinction and more, are giving the mankind a lethal warning that the conditions are worsening by each passing moment. These issues have to be confronted in a right manner to bring in the realistic changes and development of the sustainable world. We understand it well and are aiming to make this world a better place for everyone through youth awareness and their participation for the cause.
Dhara Hari have collaboration with multiple groups and organizations which are working for the preserving our world and its eco-system. We also organize workshops to act through everyday situation that people face while living in the community. Under this initiative, the focus will be on becoming the backbone of the world in preserving our nature and creating a sustainable environment.


Finding ways to protect our environment and to make people aware of the consequences if the environment gets ignored. Dhara Hari is a concept where we do this by following the contents and methodology of DHARAHARI’s unique field program which involves developing strategies and formulating ways to create humongous changes.We intend to accomplish this by providing expertise strategies and comprehensive educational programs, workshops, Campaigns which will involve voluntary support.


  • To provide activity that develops and captures model of new practice for preventing environment and safekeeping of it.
  • Aiming for nothing less than transformation in mindset of the youth about how they perceive the world and themselves in it.
  • To make this initiative global and let people understand the value of preserving and protecting tranquility of the environment.
  • To boost the concept of nature is the priority, don’t let it vanish.

Committee Members

George Baker
Member of Parliament

A much awarded film actor & stage artist in various languages, a keen sportsman and a versatile politician. Mr Baker has been director at stage & radio.

Kalikesh Singh Deo
Member of Parliament

Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, a Member of Parliament, is a versatile politician supporting many social causes. A brilliant academic as well as a keen sports person, he has represented India in various events internationally.

Shyam Pandey
Founder & CEO, DharaHari

Shyam Pandey is an entrepreneur, social worker striving to support varied causes in society and working to build self-driven institutions aimed to empower under-privileged.

Surya Prakash Pandey
Social Activist

An educationalist cum social activist, heading an NGO – UTTISHTHA, and is involved in upliftment of the country in various walks of life tat various levels. He has strong faith in BHARTIYA SANSKRITI.

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