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The survival of life on Earth is in danger and the major concern today is the increasing threats to the environment by human activities – from habitat destruction to harboring the habit of taking Earth for granted. The world is going through the problems like climate change, global warming, waste disposal, depletion of natural resources and much more. It is time to free our shackled eco-system and restore the green future.

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Reduction in pollution

Wearing a mask, staying at home and turning a blind eye towards the problem is not going to help, but joining hands and working together towards pollution reduction will. Everyone suffers from pollution (be it any kind) in some ways and yet adequate work is not done to resolve the issue and instead temporary solutions are brought up. Be it air, water or land, pollution needs to be thrown away from all of them.

The intent of DharaHari is to find solutions for reducing pollution, which will give permanent results.


Reduction of plastic usage

Plastic has created havoc on our earth, a plague which is very hard to subdue. It has numerous uses but there are also numerous repercussions of its usage. Plastic however destroyed creates pollution and has harmful effects on all living creatures.

DharaHari has made its motive to protect the wilderness through up-front and direct actions to get great results.


Global Warming

Everyone has heard about the disastrous impact of global warming but today we stand witness to the fact that if nothing is done about it soon, global warming will destroy the planet in entirety. Recent events showcase how the climate is getting affected by it. Deserts are flooding, grasslands are dying under the scorching sun, glaciers are water now and much more.

This all can be prevented by collaborative efforts and DharaHari is determined to succeed in preserving our mother nature.

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